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B C oat

b ear ring

B flat trumpet major

b ill eagle

b land lubber

B T cup

ba salt y

back beat route

back beat up

Back down side

back flip side

back list teria

back off side

back up beat

back up date

back up side

back up stairs

back wash room

back water gate

back water side

back way out

bad sign language

Baker Street light

ball barrow boy

Ball Oon Atic

ban jo ker

bar lines man

Barbara Windsor Castle

battered fish wife

bau out haus

Bay tree Root

BB Sea King

BB Sea King

be head set

beat Rootes Group

Beat roots music

beat up root

beatle brow beat

bed rock hopper

bed spring lam

Bell Bird Ringing

bell hop scotch

bell wether man

beri beri beri

big apple mac

big bang cock

big end game

big head band

bird brain box

bis kit chen

bitter sweet bread

Black and Decker Asian

Black Beauty Spot

black beri beri

black bottom out

black box car

Black Burn out

black dog leg

black eye ball

black fives wall

black foot ball

black foot guard

black guard's van

black ink cap

black mail box

black mailing list

black man hole

Black pool ball

black sea board

black watch dog

blind man date

blind sheep fold

Blood Stream Line

blood stream line

blow dry fly

blowt orch id

blue carpet tack

body double line

bog bean roll

Boot Black Jack

boot black leg

bord ello 'ello

Bost ik on

bottle green top

bottom stream line

Bowling Green Lane

brain storm damage

brake dancing shoes

branch line out

brass hat band

brass rubber band

break down wind

break up wind

break wind up

brewers' dr ay oop

brick batt ie

brief case notes

bronze medal lion

Buddy Rich Guy

Bull Dog Fight

bull dog shit

Bull Head Rush

burr beri beri

Bus Shel Ter

bye bye pass

bye bye word

bye pass word

bye word play

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